Fractured People

The series of artworks below in Gallery 1 was and continues to be the origin of inspiration behind the phrase “Fractured People”.

Each piece expresses the dichotomy of public and private self, that the outside often doesn’t convey or hint at the fractures within.

The arrows represent those things we use to deflect and distract Others from seeing our true selves.
The scrawling, chaotic lines around the piece evoke the overwhelm of a world that puts us in a position where it does not feel safe to reveal our true natures and moods.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Although varying in media, I continue here to explore public and private, internal and external, awake and dream presentations of personhood.

Some are self-portraits, others are not.

All express, in abstract form, a dis-integrated humanity. 


Title: Nature Watches

Nature is watching from the undergrowth, an eye on humanity – a rather fierce and judgemental eye. Anyone who knows Nature, knows she is not just kittens and cuddles, but also a just reckoner maintaining balance and Hózhó.

Hózhó is a fundamental principle of the Navajo Universe. It loosely means beauty, peace and harmony. It can be applied to the world around one, within one, and one’s relationship to others and the world.

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