Extended Family

Alfie and his favourite duck

As a lover of our home the Earth and of all Nature with which we so cackhandedly co-exist, I do not place humanity at the centre of existence (as anthropocentrists do). Animals, all creatures and plants are my friends, brothers and sisters. I live with and learn from them on so many levels.

As an Artist of Rat parentage and Mouse heart, I consider the further animal world as my extended family.

I generally walk away from humans but cross the road to greet a cat. I remember running from piñon bush to piñon bush in the New Mexican mountain desert trying to say hello to an escaped circus rabbit, or walking with feral dogs, or being followed by a golden eagle who accompanied me on a walk flying barely a metre above my head…

There are friends wherever you look if you can but slow down and remove yourself from the high-vibration buzz of humanity in the 21st Century.


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