Entoptic Patterning

Archaeologist David Lewis-Williams created a model of 3 stages to test that rock art originated from trance:

  1. Entoptic patterning, i.e. geometric light patterns within the optical and neural systems (entoptic – meaning “within the eye”)
  2. Visual pattern recognition, influenced strongly by personal, social, environmental and cultural conditions
  3. Full blown hallucination with a sense of participation and becoming the thing you hallucinate

As an artist, like the rock artists of prehistory, I feel that it is crucial for me to manifest and make tangible my “hallucinations”, which at times create a bridge of connection with something Bigger – certainly connecting me to a Creative Power – and at times give comment on the world as I experience it.

Kandinsky advised artists to turn away from painting merely what they see, urging them to paint from their inside selves. The “outside” that I express in my art is filtered through my inner world and expressed often in something that appears to the onlooker as something more akin to a dream… such are these pieces!

Blood makes noise
Signs Along the Way
The Forest has a Thousand Faces
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